VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer Review

The Vaporfi Orbit Portable Vape Defines Luxury

The vaporizer with the best quality vapor!

9.8 User Rating
vaporfi orbit review

​The Orbit

We’re willing to bet that if you’re in the market for your first dry herb vaporizer, you likely still enjoy and prefer your favorite water bong, too. If that’s the case, you’ve landed in the prime location for picking up a vape rig that will deliver a blow equivalent to that of your favorite medical marijuana pipe.

orbit vape review

Now, when I speak of this pens ability to knock you out of your seat, I mean that the VaporFi Orbit produces such ridiculously intense vapor that it surprised even our most experienced vaporists. In addition, this machines thundering performance, much as its price tag makes it a top selection for our compilation of best vape pens

Considering the Details

  • Vapor Quality is Exquisite- 96 out of 100
  • Very Stout Composition (Still pocket sized)- 97 out of 100
  • Accurately and Affordably Priced- 95 out of 100
  • Battery Life is Superior- 98 of out 100
  • Simple to Use and Maintain- 93 out of 100

A Word About VaporFi and the Orbit

vaporfi orbit review

There’s a good chance that most people who have tried to quit smoking, either cigarettes or other smokeables, have come across the VaporFi brand. The company was once known as VaporZone, if that rings a bell. They have created some of the best and most uniquely designed E-Cigs and E-Liquids the industry has seen. So, it made perfect sense to us, to find that they had decided to try their hand at producing a valuable alternative for the medical marijuana community.

With the VaporFi Orbit, they have most definitely achieved that goal. When we first unboxed the Orbit we loved its simple yet polished look.

Upon first glance the VaporFi Orbit may seem like a mammoth of a vape pen, but I promise you that it’s large appearance does nothing to make it unhandy. In fact, if you’re looking for something that’s not a desktop design, but still has the similar capacity and function of one, this may be a perfect purchase for you. While we're on the subject of appearance, we do think they could offer at least one or two other colors. The Orbit comes only in red or black.

The Hulk of the Vape World

VaporFi had to find somewhere to place that massive battery, and they wanted to spring a product onto the market that was able to hold a good bit of dry herb in the oven, as well.

Through manufacturing a rig that’s just a tad on the larger side of most other portable machines, they brought us a vaporizer that holds a supreme battery life expectancy and the ability to pack a boat load of material into the chamber.

This pen is a great tag along party item, because of the extended usage capabilities that the battery and chamber size allows. It’s clearly perfect for solo use too, even if you’re planning to chief on it for longer periods of time. Consequently, the Orbit can get very hot during these longer sessions. However, don't worry, because they have provided you with a packet of five silicone mouthpiece fittings for these types of occasions.

If it starts to get a little heated, just pop on one of these comfortable extensions and continue your group vape clambake.

Engaging the Device

orbit chamber

Let's discuss a few basic operations. When preparing to fill the chamber all you need to do is snap off the top portion of the pen, the mouthpiece, to find the oven just beneath.

Grasp the pen at the brink of the chamber with one hand, using the other hand to pop off the top of the pen. Imagine snapping the tip off of a fresh green bean. We found this to be a very convenient process and can see why VaporFi would prefer this type of snap/lock system to that of a threaded or magnetic one.

Continue by filling the oven with your prepared dry herb of choice, making sure to finely grind the material for greatest results. We DO NOT suggest filling with chunky materials, as this will prevent even and optimal vaporization.

When you fill the chamber, be sure to not overload it.

You can easily look into the oven and see the ring at the top, as long as you are not filling to closely to that line or going above it, you’ll be just fine.

Right around ⅔ of the way full, is preferred.

More importantly, do not pack it too tightly into the oven. You want to make sure you aren’t prohibiting airflow.

Activating The Orbit

vaporizer functions

We have heard and seen some users complain that the Orbit is difficult to use, but in our trials we found that it’s much harder to explain it, than it is to actually use it.

SO, here we go…

Step By Step

Booting up the pen takes just five quick impressions of the power button within two seconds. Although, most portable vape pens use three quick prompts.

(Be sure to fill the oven first!)

The unit has two front facing LED lights, one is installed within the power button.

The LED/Power button indicates that the device has the adequate amount of heat in the chamber and is ready for use. When first entering a heat setting or powering on the device, the LED is red. Finally, it reaches the proper temperature for the setting you’ve chosen, and it turns green.

The bottom LED displays heat settings

Switching between the high, medium and low settings is simple.

After you power up the pen by pressing the button five quick times, you can then press and hold the power button to cycle through each heat setting.

This is where the bottom LED comes into play to signify which heat setting you have selected.

  • Low = Red 360℉
  • Medium = Green 380℉
  • Blue = High 420℉

While cycling through the heat settings just push and hold the power button for roughly five seconds to switch to the next setting in line.

Once you have the desired heat setting, give the chamber time to heat up and keep an eye on the LED/Power button to signal you.

That’s literally it…

Side Note:

The best way to operate this pen to optimize your dry herb vaping, is to start out on the highest heat setting (420) which is blue, and move down the heat settings in order to the lowest. This allows the herb to sort of dry out a bit first, and will help with the vaping process, so that you aren’t just burning up your product.

Harder Said Than Done

We had trouble validating any opinions stating that the Orbit is difficult to use at first. Seriously, if you can operate your flat screen TV and remote, or play an old-school video game like Mario Cart, you can use about any portable vape pen out there.

The Orbit is a very user friendly vape, regardless of what others may say, we had no trouble with its functions. We’re confident that you will find the same.

Our Final Ruling on the Orbit

This pen has an elegant appeal.

Its refined look and clean appearance are just a couple of aspects that we appreciate when first laying eyes on it.

When we got into the packaging and realized that VaporFi had given us all that we need to continue using the Orbit for a long time to come, without any additional purchasing, our reasons for recommending it became even more reinforced.

As far as the vapor quality goes, rest assured, when we say this vape creates a near perfect vapor, we mean it cannot get much better, especially for the price of the unit. The Orbit demands authority, and rightfully so.

A Few Things to Remember

Moving forward with this vaporizer; you’re going to need to swap out the mesh filters after they begin to get dirty. This will all depend on your vape style and amount of usage.

It’s as simple as snapping off the mouthpiece to find the filter housing right inside of the lid (mouthpiece) and unscrewing it to fix the new screen into place.

You can buy these mesh replacements in 5 packs for just a few bucks. You can also soak them in ISO alcohol and rinse them in clean water to be reused if need be.

Once again, VaporFi has given you the option to use a silicone lip protector if you find yourself in need of some added comfort during longer periods of vaping. These are primarily used for heat reduction, but can also be used when you don’t have the time to properly clean your mouthpiece.

We thought it was not only attentive of them, but also generous to add a few little items to help you along the way. This makes the package even more charming to the beginner vaporist, as well as any experts.

Included upon purchase are the following items (90 day warranty):

  • VaporFi Orbit Portable Vaporizer
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Cleaning Utensil
  • 5 Silicone Mouthpiece Supplements
  • 5 Replaceable Mesh Screens

Product Specifics

  • Battery Capacity- 2200 mAh
  • Oven Accommodation- Max 1.7ML

We cannot say enough good things about this deal. The price, quality of the vapor, the character of the Orbit, it’s all there.

The Vaporfi Orbit Portable Vape Defines Luxury

The vaporizer with the best quality vapor!

9.8 User Rating
vaporfi orbit review