The Best Wax Pen Under $100

The Definitive List of The Best Wax Pens Under $100

definitive list of the best wax pens

If you’re trying to move up to the higher levels when it comes to vaping marijuana for whatever your purpose, be it for medicinal or recreational usage, you probably have heard about dabbing being used for vaping really concentrated amounts of cannabis oil.

That’s is true but when it comes to replacing your material with a wax based one for vaping you’ll have to get a vaporizer that is specifically designed for this if you want the best results, you’ll need a wax vaporizer.

Just like there are portable variations for other specialist vaping tools in the industry, wax vaporizers have their own smaller versions called wax pens (wax vape pens, dab pens).

Now why would you want to get a wax pen? Well they are compact and super portable while still not compromising too much on giving you crisp and quality taste during use and still double down on minimizing the toxins that you are exposed to when the wax material is being cooked up inside.

V2 Series 3

Vaporizer Kit

Perfect for: Beginners

  • Waxes, Dry Herb, 
  • Most Affordable
  • Not specialized
  • Cheaper Parts

$12 / month

No credit card required.

Pax Era

Vape Pen

Perfect For: Wax Only 

  • Best Technology
  • Smartphone App
  • Must buy their wax
  • No heat control

$12 / month

No credit card required.


Wax Pen

Perfect For: 

5GB of Storage

  • Strongest Unit
  • Heat Control, big clouds
  • More expensive

$12 / month

No credit card required.

Now we know with so much choices on the market, it can be difficult to find the right wax pen for you with so much things to consider, least of all the price.

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to save you the trouble and have gone through some pretty thorough testing to find out which wax pens under $100 will give you the most bang for your buck. So below you will find our choices for the best quality vaping wax pens that give you the most.

Our List of the Top Six Wax Pens Under $100:

1. Series 3 Vaporizer Kit with Wax Cartridge

v2 pro series 3 is the  best wax pen

Coming from a brand that has not been afraid of shaking up the ways things are done in the vaporizer industry, V2 has set the bar high for innovation high again with their Series 3 and Series 7 vaporizers. The V2 Pro Series 3 is really a jack of all trades as it does something extremely impressive, being capable of vaping dry herbs, e-liquids, and waxes while being set at a price that doesn’t break the bank. This is a combo of pluses to this unit that not much other vaporizers on the market can compete with.

As if that wasn’t enough, the design team somehow found a way to make the Series punch above its weight class by having its cartridge capacity and battery life be able to compete with larger devices. Truly remarkable stuff right here! With this wax pen you get all of this while still having it be a snap to use, reload your cartridge with your flavor choices, hook it up to the device and just try to contain yourself as you are overwhelmed by its production of juicy and rich vapor. Even after all our testing we still can’t contain ourselves.

v2 pro vaporizer

Now if there’s one downside to this little guy it's the customer service provided by V2, but that’s it, it checks the right boxes on everything else such as the quality of its build, sleekness/sexiness and the premium performance and that’s enough for us to recommend it as a top choice when it comes to wax pens. We must note though that for you to enjoy the dab pen usage of the V2 Pro Series 3, you’re gonna have to buy the cartridges elsewhere. A small price to pay for entrance to dab pen vaping nirvana.

2. PAX Era Concentrates Vape Pen

pax era vape pen for waxes

Pax has long been a fan favorite of the vaping community and their following has even been likened to the fanbase that Apple has when it comes to their support and enthusiasm. After taking a close look at their vaping pen units it's not hard to fault the fans for this.

The Pax Era definitely adds to this growing history with its sleek and compact design, on the body you’ll find no buttons or screens here which at first might sound strange, but all it takes to use the pen is to raise it to your lips and then the magic begins as it automatically starts the vaping process. To further make the process easy, you won’t have to load up the unit yourself, you’ll have to buy some pre-loaded “Era Pods” that are available at around $40 a pop.

With no screen on the Pax Era, you’re not completely out of luck with being able to finetune your experience. There’s a Pax Vapor application that you can download onto your smartphone (available on both iOS and Android) and it lets you precisely set the temperature settings from there. Packing a micro-USB charging system, that in our testing only took an hour for the 2600 mAh sized battery to go from 0 - 100, we came away really really impressed by the craftsmanship of the Pax Era and loved how simple it was to use. Another solid choice.

3. Mig Vapor Keymaker 

Mig vapor keymaker

Now the Mig Vapor Keymaker Wax Vaporizer pen has long been a favorite around our office mainly due to the combo it packs of being incredibly compact, affordable and for being an insane cloud generator while being both of these. Around the industry it's known more by the names Keymaker Mini Portable Dab Pen and Mig’s Discrete Wax Pen. Both of these names fit it just fine because they describe it perfectly.

With the sleek black color scheme and it’s USB jumpdrive like shape, it looks and feels the part of something that can be stored pockets just as easily as it does your hands.

The Keymaker Wax pen comes equipped with a 360 mAh battery that takes just an hour to fill up but is capable of powering some long lasting vape sessions. Another big part of why this is on our list of the top wax pens is how it is able to power to 455F in 2-3 seconds, an outstanding speed for something so small. The experience with the unit is rounded out by the inclusion of a dab tool that makes your vaping life easier when it comes to loading up on your concentrate and it also packs a container that is non stick. That also adds to the Keymaker’s makeup of being a quick hitter and easy to use vape.

4. Yabba Dabber Wax Vape Pen

yabba dabba mig vapor wax pen

Another entry from Mig Vapor, these guys really know what it takes to make a great wax vape pen. The highlights on the Yabba Dabber for us were the great design and portability that it packs. Mig Vapor used their special True Convection Technology™ in this one and it’s not just a gimmick. The ceramic heating system easily reaches 455F and powered our sessions with consistently with crisp flavor with no hiccups, due to the concentrates never touching the heating coils of the unit.

We also managed to get just about a day of use out of the relatively large 500 mAh battery which is always nice.

It’s also pleasant to note that with this vaporizer you’re not just stuck with wax pen, it can also handle dry herb material which adds a ton more value to its already impressive kit. Inside the said kit you’ll find a nice package of accessories including a wireless USB charger and Quartz Coil for swapping out which saves you $10 if you wanted to get it on your own. Little additions like these go a long way with improving the package.

You may be wondering why the Yabba Dabber is below the Keymaker. It all came down to the design elements on the Keymaker winning us over but that does not mean the Yabber Dabber is an excellent choice as well.

5. Dr. Dabber Aurora

dr. dabber aurora

The Dr. Dabber Aurora is among the more expensive pens on our listing but for that price you get premium performance and excellent customizability. Usually other wax pens restrict you to the no choice at all when it comes to your heat settings, not so with the Dr. Dabber, with this unit you can fine tune your heat settings for your concentrate material easily by choosing one out of the three pre installed temperature settings.

The customization options doesn’t end here though as there are three choices of atomizers and the battery is variable voltage equipped, which again lets you play around to find the right settings if the stock setup is not to your liking.

wax pen snap tech of dr. dabber aurora

Something else that makes the Dr. Dabber stand out when stacked up against its competition is the snaptech magnetic connecting feature used for joining the various parts of the unit. Namely the mouthpiece, atomizer and battery, the result of this system makes it extremely easy to put together and take apart the device.

The design is not too flashy but is elegant and clean looking, though we would have liked to have seen the customization aspect extended to being able to choose more than a satin finish for its color scheme. Minor nitpicks aside, this easilys sit firmly on our list of the top wax pens based on its wonderful performance and vapor quality. The one thing that held this back from reaching higher up on our listing is the pricing, but for that price tag, you do get a lot out of this unit.

5. G Pen Wax Vaporizer

g pen wax vape

If you’re the type of vaper who prefers the thicker and more solid types of concentrates, then you’ll need to look at the G Pen Wax Vaporizer. Keeping it simple here, the appeal all lies in the usability and the performance. Just the basics, but important fundamentals that every dab pen should try to follow. Simply load up your concentrate material and then you’re ready to be cloud chasing at the hit of the fire button.

This dab pen is perfect when you need something that is sleek and and is concealed in your hands easily. It doesn’t just look good but also felt really solid to the touch. As with all top dab pens you will need to maintain it by cleaning it now and then but that’s easy to do here due to how easy it is to take apart and put it back together again because of the small number of moving parts. Something to remember here though is that an alcohol solution has to be used to keep the electric conduction operating in just the right way by cleaning the screw threads.

Where does the G Pen stand with us? Everyone at the office praised the design and the performance that we were able to get out of this little guy but we wished the battery life was better. Nothing kills the mood more than shortened sessions for us. This is a downside we can live though if we must have a dab pen for vaping solid concentrate material then this is perfect for that.

6. MicroG Dab Pen

MicroG Dab Pen

If you want something a bit more appealing to the eyes than its big brother the G Pen, Grenco has got you covered with the MicroG Dab Pen, the key difference here being its size profile and that it does best when paired with medium to thick concentrate material. For those differences you have to pay a bit more, something the MicroG justifies with some of the biggest plumes of vapor we’ve seen from a wax pen.

The standard highlights of being a Grenco Science product are here in the great design philosophy and the commitment to making sure that great usability is always present. It also packs a lithium ion battery that impressed us with its durability, it was able to go two days off one charge and as if that wasn’t enough, there was aso a power saving auto shut off feature that kicks in when dragging for more than 15 seconds by turning the vape pen off.

Its just a bit thicker in width than the G Pen but being shorter makes it just as easy to conceal. With that said, it's also among the list of smallest wax pens that you can find in the industry today. The MicroG is a bit more expensive but with all the additional material that comes with the original packaging and the great performance and craftsmanship, we think it's worth every penny.

All About Wax Pens - What Makes Them Tick?

Despite appearing to look just like any other top vaporizer pen, wax pens are really quite different. They are designed from the ground up with the intent that it will vape waxes like hash oil when needed to. Don’t feel badly if you mistake one for a regular vape pen, many of the same elements are included here. 

There is a battery, heating device like an atomizer and a mouthpiece, that all work together to give you a rich vaping session for your needs be it pleasure or pain relief. (Have a look at this video to see how far vape pens have come since 2015)

The key different component is the material chamber in the dab pens, they are able to process waxy oil concentrates.

There are even pens that can vape different material like e-liquids and dry herbs along way oil concentrates. These usually work by employing different attachments that can process each material and as a result of this the price of these pens with these utility functions are a bit higher.

If you only want to vape waxy concentrates then choosing a wax pen is the perfect choice for you. You should always keep in mind that unless you have a multipurpose wax pen, other material types besides waxy concentrates should not be used in the chamber.

6 Features of A Dab Pen To Consider

There are so many wax pens on the market so we know first hand the struggle that can go into picking the best one. We’re not surprised when we hear the stories or rookie vapers buying dab pens that are expensive and offer sub-par quality sessions afterwards.

This is a big deal because first impressions are usually everything when trying something new and can put them off trying another dab pen. Along with knowing the proper research into choosing a dab pen, it should be considered that each vaper has different needs.

When we say this we mean things like, the needs of the vaper who prefers a hit higher in the throat but doesn’t and isn’t concerned with vapor thickness will be different than the someone who doesn’t like high throat hits and wants rich flavor likes to generate massive clouds. We already discussed our picks for the best wax pens, but below we go into our exact criteria for making our choices.

1. Material Choices

This is the most important factor. If you just want to vape wax then you don’t need to look any further. A simple dab pen will do you just fine.

If you’re new to vaping and don’t know what type of material will be best for you then we recommend that you try a multipurpose solution.

2. Battery Longetivity and Charging Ease

Used to chain vaping sessions? Or do you vape only when you hook up with your buddies now and then for a few hits? The frequency of how often you vape will factor into your pen choice.

There are some wax pens that can really go the distance after charging them once but the price is usually higher and others are cheaper but have shorter battery lives to make up for this. More and more wax pens are coming with micro USB charging ports but some do have their own custom charging solution so all of this needs to be considered.

3. Portability Factor

There some pens that basically vanish when you hold them in your hands, which makes them great for when you need those stealthy vaping sessions. This comes at a price, the smaller the size of the unit, the smaller the battery capacity and size of the heating chamber which will affect its output. When choosing a wax pen you need to have a clear goal in mind of what you will be using it for. Do you want a powerhouse packing pen or a ghost like discreet device?

4. Warranty - Brand Pedigree

A manufacturer who believes and will stand by their vaporizer will put out a quality warranty, no ifs, ands, or buts here. If they don’t believe in the quality of their pen, why should you?

5. Eye Candy and Build

With most dab pens being so small they all carry a certain air of elegance and sleekness but they each have differences in the details that go into their looks and build.

Looks are not the highlight, or the cause behind the performance and vapor generation of the pen but if you want to impress your friends or pat yourself on the back for your investment, then it makes sense to get something that's sexy looking. The materials that go into the building of the pen play a larger role that just for eye candy of course, the quality of the material goes a long way into determining how long your pen will last.

6. Cost

This is a factor that, while important in some cases, to us shouldn’t matter too much. In many things paying a bit more for a premium product goes a long way for your enjoyment and longevity of tech gadgets and with vaping pens it’s no different.

There are many pens at different price levels and there is sure to be a right one for you, but if you have the patience, we recommend putting a few more bucks to getting a quality wax pen that will last you many sessions to come.

Bottom Line

When choosing the right vaporizer for you, we must again stress that it depends on what you need. If you want to be vaping waxes all day long then you’d best be served with getting a full sized vaporizer. If you need something to get in some hits with wax concentrates while out and about then a wax pen is the right choice for you. It can be a time consuming process but trust us when we say that making the right choice goes a long way to making sure you love vaping and making those clouds for a long time to come.