Dr. Dabber Aurora

Dr. Dabber Has Done It Once Again

Aurora Vaporizer Pen Overview 

No Doubt about it, Dr. Dabber has seen the forefront of the vaping industry for a variety of impressive product designs, innovative thinking and an unwavering sense of dedication to please their customers. The Dr. Dabber Aurora is not just another addition to that notion. It is much more than that. This vaporizer pen offers quite a bit of excellence for a singular package.

If you do have any doubts, well, these guys offer a confident one year warranty to put your buyers concern at ease. No Questions Asked.

That says a lot, right out of the gate.

We wanted to give a few words that might help to describe our interactions with this unit. It's easy to say that the Aurora is infinitely stealthy, humbly sexy and boldly seductive, but we wanted to give you a different kind of impression with this vaporizer pen.

Dr. Dabber has gone out of their way to bring the Aurora to us with multiple attractive features like magnetic coupling, custom atomizer selection, enhanced airflow regulation with a choice of two mouthpieces, and even a few accessories.

The Aurora is an award winning vape and it's easy to see why. 

"Best in taste, best stealth vaporizer pen, best in durability for 2016"
-High Times Magazine

From Head To Toe

Let’s take a look inside of the box, and a descriptive peek at the unit itself.
When it comes to the rig, you get a choice of two ceramic tips. One mouthpiece is a fluted fit, and is usually what is preinstalled on the pen upon first opening. You also get a newer addition, the Shotgun style mouthpiece, which has even better airflow than the original.

Just below the tip is a regulator shell that’s designed to circulate air more evenly throughout either mouthpiece that you choose.

As we reviewed the main components of this vape, I think the most exciting part was testing the different atomizers. Dr. Dabber gave us some of the best atomizers in the industry within this package. These three types of ovens are industry standards, and you get a choice of all three when you purchase the Aurora.

Considering that these three atomizers are around 20 dollars each from Dr. Dabber when sold separately, we think it’s pretty gracious of them to include them within this 100 dollar deal.

All Concentrates Are Not Created Equal

It’s important to note the distinctions in these atomizers because not all oil and wax concentrates are the same. Some require more heat, and others take a little more time to get the ideal temperature for the best quality experience.
So, looking at the chamber, you will have the choice of three atomizers.


Quartz Chamber Atomizers
Twin Quartz Rods/Quartz Chamber

This atomizer is a quartz lined chamber with two quartz rods, each encased with a titanium heating element. This particular oven is applicable for use with a more delicate wax, or lower viscosity oils.

When your wax or oil is thinner, this is the chamber to employ. It heats fast and hard and is more ideal for quickly drawing bigger hits. It is perfect for use on the go, when you don’t have the privacy or time to wait around.

Twin Ceramic Rods/Quartz Chamber

Here you have two ceramic rods encased in a titanium coil that sit inside of a quartz chamber. It is recommended to use this atomizer with medium viscosity concentrates. For example, oils that are waxy or slightly denser than average, but still not fully solid.

Ceramic Halo/Quartz Chamber

The Halo design keeps it’s titanium coil embedded within the ceramic heater itself. Maybe you’ve heard it called a donut before. This atomizer is most proficient for use with a heavy wax or a more substantial oil.

Using this oven on the lowest heat setting is preferred, because it helps to prevent any sloshing around. Trying to force this oven to higher temps with heavier concentrates can cause a sizzling mess inside of your chamber. This atomizer is befitting for a more deliberate heat preparation, and a slow vaporization.

The Aurora Is One of The Most Flexible Vaporizer Pens on The Market

Cool Blue Heat Setting

User Rating

Our Rating: 9.6/10

*Best Price Guarantee

Snap-Tech Magnetic Coupling

Dr. Dabber has made a product that is first in its class.
These guys have applied a new staple to the portable vaporizer pen that every developer should follow.

With the use of interlocking magnetic elements, you can very quickly compose your Aurora and adapt it to suit many types of vaping styles.

You can easily switch cartridges and never have to worry about those sticky threads gumming up on you again. All of these individual elements that make up the vaporizer as a whole snap together magnetically, except for the mouthpiece. The hold is plenty strong enough to withstand any pocket juggling or chance of detaching while rolling around in a purse or travel bag. Within reason, of course.

The two mouthpieces that you get, the fluted fit and the shotgun, are clamped on with the traditional rubber fixture that locks into place using a bit of force.

All three of the atomizers, battery and charger use magnetic coupling.

Dr. D is doing much to set themselves apart from their opposition. Even the smallest of details can be all of the difference in a world so saturated with sameness. The Aurora offers such a refreshing outlook on the vape game in its entirety, and can deliver a user experience that will satisfy any cannabis connoisseur.

Variable Temperature Control

With Variable Voltage Controls you are not restricted to one preset temperature. This technology allows you to create a suitable heat range depending on the consistency of your concentrate. It enables you to use a lower heat setting for impromptu vape sessions, and amp it up when you want to really toke on it.

It’s all about preference and necessity. Dr. Dabber seemed to have us covered at every turn with the Aurora.

There are three voltage (Heat) settings on this rig.

  • The GREEN light indicates the lowest heat
  • The BLUE signifies the mid temperature setting
  • The PINK light is the highest
Variable Voltage

Now is a good time to mention the five click safeguard feature. Using five clicks to power on the unit, and five more to disengage it. The extra two clicks can make a difference. Most other vaporizer pens use three, and believe it or not, I’ve had a battery drain quickly from accidentally cycling the power on in my pocket. The extra two clicks do help.

You should keep in mind that Dr. Dabber prides their rigs on vapor quality and taste. All rigs in their line use a low heat approach that they (and a lot of others will tell you this) claim helps to produce a slow vapor release, thus enhancing the overall flavor profile of your wax or oil.

So, if you aren’t expecting it, you may be looking for a bit MORE vapor, when this pen is designed to deliver quality, not quantity. That is the only compromise with the Aurora. It requires a more dramatic draw if you’re wanting to produce thick clouds of vapor.

With the potential to dial in custom heat settings to a specific type of atomizer, you can really use the chance to fine tune your vaping experience to best fit your preference. This is something you don’t get with a lot of other leading vape pens. Just the ability to have custom atomizer selection at this price is something deserving of praise.

Along with your Aurora

It is clear to us that Dr. Dabber did not need to enrich the Aurora by adding all of the proper accoutrements.

They did it anyway.

These guys are no stranger to good customer care and definitely didn’t hold back with this installment.

In addition to bringing us a cutting edge vaporizer, they added:

  • Three Premium Atomizers
  • Two Ceramic Mouthpieces
  • Dr. Dabber Key Chain
  • Dr. Dabber Loading Tool
  • Dr. Dabber Shatter Resistant Silicone Stash Container

Also Included:

One magnetic USB charging port and instruction manual

As we said, this is a lot of excellence in one package. Once in awhile a we see a product come along that sets the rest of the competition back a few notches.

We have many great things to say about the Aurora

The Bottom Line

This vape generates some of the finest quality vapor we have ever experienced from a vaporizer pen.

That doesn’t mean it turns dirt into diamonds, considering you also start with some decent wax, this pen is capable of elevating any vape session.

It has very dependable and proven battery life as well.

The extra deep chambers that each of the atomizers has makes them great for prolonged use.

The Aurora has an ultra slick appearance, and comes only in a matte satin exterior.

Its quietly brilliant, and if you’re looking for a vape pen that’s not going to get you noticed in the wrong places, here it is. The Aurora won an award for being the covert way to vape in any place you desire.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

No Doubt about it, Dr. Dabber has seen the forefront of the vaporizing industry for a variety of impressive product designs, innovative thinking and an unwavering sense of dedication to please their customers.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora is not just another addition to that notion. It is much more than that. This vaporizer pen offers quite a bit of excellence for a singular package, and for a more than fair price.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

User Rating

*Best Price Guarantee