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About Vape Pen Guide

My infatuation with vapes began in 2012. ​ I've been a long time user of cannabis since I was about 16 and have regularly smoked for closer to 14 years now. Marijuana has been nothing but great to me since day one. It has provided me life long memories, friendships, stress relief, a hobby, and something to look forward to towards the end of each day.

For the last four years I've dabbled with using all types of vaporizers really since they became a thing. Friends would constantly come to me for advice on which particular models I recommended and of course to "borrow" one here and there (for which I wouldn't see the damn thing for weeks); until they returned it.

A few months ago a friend of mine reached out to me and suggested I make a review site to help "save my breathe" from repeating myself over and over and to review my favorite models, the pros and cons of each, and recommend to the "interwebs" what they should buy.

I've definitely wasted money on vapes that were promised to be "The Best Ever" and came up disappointed several times. Of course I've also found some models that weren't nearly as hyped that I experienced hit better, lasted longer, and were simply easier to use. These are the models I'm recommending here on the site.

Hoping this site provides some new users with some insight into the overwhelmingly popular world of vapes and to give back to the community and to my fellow stoners as much as they've given to me over the years. 

Keep it irie. - Kyle ​