What is THC or Marijuana Oil for Vaping?

Pot-lovers everywhere are rejoicing in the practice of using marijuana’s more potent offspring, commonly known as concentrates, extracts, and oils.

To a lot of people, these terms are common - but most are still getting familiar with them. It might sound complicated, but ‘Concentrates, Extracts, and Oils’ are just words used to describe the pure and unadulterated oil that comes from Mother Earth’s glorious Hemp plant.

It could seem confusing at first, but these are just words used to describe the efficient use of Mary-Jane’s oil in regards to vaping and vaporizing. Here are three types of oil’s you should get familiar with:

Hemp Oil

You know those protein-packed little seeds your healthy friend Julie always sprinkles on her salads? Yep. Those little seeds are pressed (sometimes even the whole plant) and pure Hemp Oil is extracted. Hemp seeds are an outgrowth in the production of Hemp.


 Also known as “Cannabidiol”, is an inclusive term for all oils which come from the Hemp plant and do not contain any THC. When you use the Hemp plant in the manufacturing of CBD oil it consists of small volume’s of THC (although less than 0.2%). Therefore, in the midst of creating different CBD products, THC levels in the Hemp plant will continue to lessen.

CBD Oil is widely available, and also legal. Most notably in all parts of Europe and various places all over the world, as it contains 0.0% THC, and not to mention it’s sold in many flavours and varieties.

Marijuana Oil

 Is oil acquired from (Dutch) medicinal marijuana that has a high volume of THC. The goal in creating this oil is to become high upon ingestion, and also to use it topically for reduced chronic pain as well as in the treatment of numerous medical conditions.

Marijuana oil, THC oil, and Cannabis oil are all one in the same, as they are all made from resin acquired from the Marijuana plant. Marijuana oil is generally made with higher levels of THC and CBD.

There’s a huge difference however, between Marijuana oil and Hemp oil. The difference comes from the fact that their mother plants contain different amounts of THC. So as you can probably guess, Marijuana oil is very potent, while Hemp oil is more like it’s wimpy younger brother. But don’t get me wrong - they both have countless benefits for us that can be life-changing.

Types of Marijuana Oil Concentrates

Marijuana Oil’s 3 Categories:

⁃ Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

⁃ Shatter

⁃ Wax

By their names you may think they’re very different, but in actuality, they’re all very alike. The main difference though is the way we extract them.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO)

This is the most widely used cannabis extract and is most commonly used for ‘Dabbing’ (no, not the dance move) and Vaping. We definitely could also call it ‘Shatter’ or ‘Wax’ - but it’s because it is extracted using Butane, that we do not. After it’s extraction, it is then purged and evaporated which leaves a sticky wax behind which hardens into what we call ‘Shatter’.

Butane Hash oil (BHO) is widely used by people suffering with chronic and severe pain given it’s very high potency of THC. It has rapidly become the the most powerful concentrate in our mainstream market’s because it has tested between 60-90% THC. That being said, it is super important to make sure that your THC oil contains absolutely no traces of Butane, and has been tested for it’s purity.


This transparent, smooth and solid oil could almost be compared to amber-colored glass. It’s fragrance and taste do diminish however, during the process of it’s production. Although it tests higher in THC - Shatter tends to not last as long as other marijuana oils, and has been known to be very difficult to handle.


Has a similar smooth and solid texture to it’s friend Shatter, although it appears more opaque. Usually, it’s used to describe the various smooth and hard textures. Generally, Wax has a low THC level - but some waxes can be very high in THC.

Sticky, soft waxes are referred to as “Budder”, and harder waxes are usually called “Crumble” or “Honeycomb”.

There are plenty of nicknames that Marijuana/THC oil has acquired over the years due to it’s popularity (you may have heard some of them), like Honeycomb, Pull-and-Snap, Sap, Crumble, Shatter, Budder, etc…

But we can’t talk about THC oil without mentioning the name “Rick Simpson”, who created a homemade THC oil that he used to cure his own skin cancer.

THC Oil and True Vaping

Given the many different types of Butane Hash Oil (BHO) in today’s market, many people (especially beginner consumers), have been left perplexed about which oil is best for them and their vaporizer plan. You could just simply put any extract in the atomizer and hit it (as they say), but then you could run the risk of wrecking the atomizer’s coil and not even getting high - no fair!

So, before you try to vape like a pro, it’s very important to discuss the different kinds of extracts you find in your local dispensary with your dealer. Keep in mind the two main types of extracts are ‘Solvent’ and ‘Non-Solvent’. ‘Non-Solvent’ Hash should never be used in vaping!

On the other hand, ‘Solvent’ Hash or Oil that has been extracted can basically be referred to as Wax - the translucent, opaque oil - the ‘Shatter’. Knowing this, one can simply categorize oil immediately upon first glance. Pretty cool right?


Shatter vs. Wax: The Differences



Shatter can be sticky or hard, depending on the temperature of the room, as well as what strain it’s made from. It’s color can sometimes appear golden, a little bit green, dark amber - but is always mainly transparent. Because of the consistency of Shatter, it can be very easily melted and turned into a liquid.


Wax is never transparent and has a more dry consistency that can sometimes resemble honeycomb. Wax can often be referred to as either “Crumble” or “Budder” depending on its texture. It’s color usually appears a bit yellow, but sometimes it can look white or even dark brown.

Given these two different types of related solvents, which one do you think is better suited to your vape pen?…

If you answered Shatter, you answered correct! Well on your way to becoming a true Marijuana pro!

Shatter is believed to be the best because your oil has to be liquid enough to run through the wick of your vape system. Once this is done properly, the coil will get hot enough to vaporize the oil.” - True Vaping

That see-through hash oil that you get with your syringe may look a bit sketchy, but it really is the best oil to be using with one of our recommended vape pens.

So - in the end, the studies being done on Marijuana/THC Oil vaping have been small, but many of them have the same general results - vaping could be much better for you than smoking cigarettes.

In a research study conducted at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, researchers found that vaporizing instead of smoking could immensely reduce your risk of being exposed to those poisonous substances that are often created during combustion.

…Isn’t Mother Nature great?